Perfect Couple

November 26, 2007
You may be different,
Not alike in some way,
But she loves you,
She will always love you,
Like you loved her,

You said those three little words,
“I love you”
She said them back
With as much heart,
With as much glory,
As what you said to her,

Some times she still wonders,
Still wonders did he really mean that?
She wonders for what they could have been,
She always said “I will love to tell the end.”
The end of my life is what she meant,

To you they meant so little,
Just a few little words,
Is what you say,
Just to get by with your way,

You may be pale,
You may be dark,
She loves you,
Loves you in her heart.

No one can make,
Make her change
Change the way she feels,
Except for you,

She said that she loved you,
She said that she meant it,
And so did you,
So now that has changed,
Changed because he won’t let you,

She will always love you,
Like she thought that you did, too
So she says goodbye to her heart,
Goodbye to you, too.

It is for the best,
The best of what she thought,
You would have never made it,
Made it with her,
Because it was never meant to be,

You was mean,
She was nice,
Too, nice for you,
Is what I mean.

Sometimes when she looks back,
She looks back at all the times
Times you were with her,
All the times that you made her laugh,

You told her so many jokes,
Jokes about the way you were together,
How fun you had,
Together forever in your arms
In your arms you held her,

You were like clouds in the sky,
What went so wrong with you,
You were such a great couple,
You were always side by side,
Together forever,

Now you are together,
All over again,
It is back to her being happy,
So happy with you,
You held her in you arms,

You are such a beautiful couple,
That I will always remember,
You never fought,
You never screamed,

You will always be,
Be the perfect couple,
For everybody!

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