Brier Patch

November 10, 2010
By Emily Wagner BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Emily Wagner BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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Tangled in a brier patch,
Bristled branch and jagged thorn;
Caught in boroughs far beneath
Of dim delight and bliss forlorn.

Deafened by the raven’s call
As if it were a grim demand,
Darkened by an unknown force
As shadows crawl across the land.

Encroaching nightfall; disbelief,
As shards of light fast disappear,
Offended by impending loss
Of faith that they will reappear.

Deep distrust burns far within
A heart so calloused by its will.
Roughshod in the desert sand,
Stunned by hatred long instilled.

Sprawled across a weakened face
A maliced mouth begins to grin,
Disillusioned by the fate
Determined by her riddling sin.

Trapped in endless self-deceit,
Every second pledges death.
Enraptured with a selfish wish,
That fades with every rasping breath.

The author's comments:
As a teenager whose struggled with depression, suicide, and a serious addiction to cutting, I've had a desire for death for a long time. But during the moments in which I've come close to acting on it, I've realized that during the final moment, death would loose all of its appeal. Every day I remind myself of that, and every day I continue to fight. I wrote this poem with hope that it would capture the spirit of depression and the strength that must be used to fight it.

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