Be Feared

November 26, 2007
By Meagan Shotwell, Muskegon, MI

Breaking through homes with no care in the world of the destruction it causes
It thrives on pain of others, some call it a bully, and others call it a tower of terror
You decide on what you

want to call it
I am scared of it though are you?

You should be scared this thing can rip your homes apart

and also your lives as well this simple act of nature

causes so much pain and misery
It swirls and twists with such

swift movements
I think it may be heading your way

coming for you and your entire family. Aren’t you scared

that it will hurt you?
This monster is coming to eat you alive

and you show no fear
You just smile at your fate

what is wrong with you?
This goblin can ruin your appearance

completely with no regards at all to your feelings then it finally comes

to a halt laughing in your face even though know he will be back to do

more damage to your beautiful exterior once again with no mercy for your sake

I fear not only this monster, but also you, for not fearing your destruction

or your very pain that could kill you. At the same time I love you for showing no fear at all. The tornado will be defeated by your wisdom.

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