Who Are We

November 26, 2007
By Erica McCormick, Sparta, MI

Such a hidden life is the one we must lead
For to let anyone sense discomfort would be a seed
That tiny seed would grow in time
Soon reaching the divine
Who are we to disturb the comforted
Who are we to break the norm
Who are we to show the sins
Who are we to unleash the storm
Everyone knows that were in war
No one knows what were fighting for
Have we become so sheltered in life
That we no longer here of there strife
Who are we to stand
Who are we to think
Who are we to take command
Who are we to let America sink
Teens commit suicide, children cry
When will these people start asking why
My sister started drinking, dads always been that way
When will we all just learn to pray
Who are we to lead a nation
Who are we to be promoters of peace
Who are we to stand up for the wronged
Who are we anyways…

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