I'm A Girl

November 25, 2007
By Ashley Tedesco, Normal, IL

I'm a girl, a lost girl, but nonetheless a human.
I'm skin, bones, and organs.
I have flowing blood, a pumping heart.
A heart that cares for people, a heart that doesn't know what it wants often enough but it knows that I care for people.
It's my brain that mixes things up.

I'm the kink in the hose when water is all you need.
I'm the roaring fire in the woods when no one's there to put it out.
I'm the leftover food that you walk past and stare at but wouldn't think twice before knowing you won't eat me.
I'm the bumper to bumper traffic when you're already late.
I'm the icecream on the sidewalk that once belonged to a now crying child.
I'm the words I can't speak from my mouth and the thoughts that don't flow in order.
I'm nothing more than all i've never wanted to be.
I'm so much less than you deserve.

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