Never Know

November 25, 2007
You’ll never know the joy you caused
Just by smiling back at me
You’ll never know the pain you caused
When you’d walk right past me
You’ll never see the happiness
Or the sorrow
Or why I long for tomorrow

And for so long I’ve tried
To show you you’re not just some guy to me
And for so long I’ve tried
To show you mean all the world to me
I’m sorry you can’t decide
If you and me would work out all right
But I can’t wait forever
Boy, it’s now or never

I loved you
You were the light that shined upon my face
When I couldn’t see the end of the tunnel
You were next to me in place
And you’ll never know the love
That harps inside my heart
And you’ll never know how losing you
Has destroyed me part by part
If you don’t know the answer
What more can I do?
I’ve got to follow the bridge
Where the wind will take me to
If you watch me walk away
I won’t turn around
I can’t wait for the day
Your feelings will resound
You’ll never knew how much I loved you
You’ll never know how much I cared
You’ll never know the tears I cried for you
Wishing you were there
Oh how is it you can’t see?
The way you’ve captured me
When will come the day?
I can just throw away
My pain…
How hard I fell in love with you
You’ll never know

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