November 25, 2007
By Amy Russell, Barnett, MO

At night it consumes me
This dangerous fear
The love and the hate
They brings many tears

They’re like creatures of the night
These hideous things
Their a terrifying sight
They can even have wings

They come and they go
But they’re never gone
They leave such a woe
They won’t wait for the sun

The anguish is here
And it never leaves
I look in the mirror
But all I see is me

What are these you ask?
You’ll know soon
Just take off your mask
And wait for the moon

Do you know now?
Why I never sleep?
It’s like I said;
They’ll make you weep

At night it consume me
This dangerous fear
Are you ready for darkness?
Because it grows near

Put your mask on
And get ready to fight
The sun is gone
Now its time for night

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