November 13, 2010
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Today is what yesterday we hoped to never feel
and it seemed so far from being real
but how unfortunate to watch it bloom
the rouge and breathtaking doom
white willows weep
and angels leap
from the heavens above and what do they seek?
but to tuck you into the clouds where your tears may leak
down to the earth where the night turns to mourning
this rain may be forever pouring
and yesterday I sat in a garden with you right by my side
and how foolish I had been to think, behind you I could hide.
and when the golden fingers plucked you from our garden
I would wait for the world to grant my pardon
for I was small and you riped with age
like the smell and wisdom of burning sage.
and your breath, it had slowed
your eyes view the bright white road
how could I compete with such relief,
so fragile and delicate like the autumn leaf
the subtle whispers of wind in the trees
I hear your voice on the ocean breeze
and in my dreams you smile upon me
as our hands are clasped near the soft sea
and you continue to live within my memory.

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