November 25, 2007
By Alexis Harold SILVER, King, North Carolina
Alexis Harold SILVER, King, North Carolina
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Blinded by my personal destiny
I reached my goal in darkness
Kindly pounding on your mind
Wishing on that shooting star
To achieve someone like you
Possibly without seeing an us

Love knocked breath from my lungs
Me letting the obvious go unnoticed
Honestly expecting no future
Escaping my thoughts, you did
Satisfied by kicking your gate's latch
Attempting to reach for you

Our classic modern day fairy-tale
Constantly drawing attention
Dumbly I searched within for
Faith and loyalty of my heart
Naming you as a special blessing
Gently our love grows deeper

Young and hopeful for bounty
Respect pours from my heart for you
Justice serving us perfectly
Undeniable passion halts my journey
Zest added to hopeful thinking
Volunteering my love for you

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