Searing Rage

November 25, 2007
By Abby Kaufman, Fort Wayne, IN

A suffering of
bitter disappointment
And my spiraling grief never descends
Instead a heating elevation
Takes over as emotions reign

An upwelling of anger, it is
My boiling of blood
A searing rage consuming me
And the flames engulfing
My soul and heart

The fire courses through my veins
It smolders in my contrastive, icy stare
It burns away my hands, once gentle
Replaces them with claws of despair
That violently tear at the veil

Which is holding back those stimulants
Anguish being the wood
That the fire devours
Growing greater
Though its presence does nothing

To stifle the rage’s power
Which is the swirling wind
Blowing through the blaze
Tantalizing to the fire’s fearsome appetite
Allowing it to expand, take over

Yet the veil is unbreakable; love and loyalty steadfast
There to save me from myself
The voices of the ones who care
Being carried not by wind, but by the water lapping at my feet

That heated flame
Which has so frenetically
Rent at my humanity
Calling to my shadow self
Who is darkness and madness

And I blink
The red gleam from my eyes
And stand in the waves of the water, of calm
Lying down and looking back at dying embers
Human once more.

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