The Mirror

November 25, 2007
Look in your mirror
We’re giddy, giggling, girlies
Dressed in your moms
Oversized dresses and roomy
High heels, we trip
Over the long, draping scarves
That fall to our ankles
The good ‘ole days
When we had time
To dress up for afternoon tea

Your mirror’s a little dusty now
But that doesn’t matter
Because look at us, we’re fabulous!
We cake on the dark green eye shadow,
Smudge the mascara
Cake on layers of foundation
Oops, I got some blush on your shirt.
Where’s that bright red lipstick?
What’s it called again?
“Cherry Fruit Passion?”
Does it match my eyes?
I can tell that we’re
Models in the making

I see a crack in your mirror
But it’s not that big yet
It doesn’t distract
Me from our reflections
As the radio blares that rock music
I’m inspired to make you a star!
Whip your hair through the air
Stare in the mirror and check it out!
What do you think
About bright red highlights?
I’ll get the dye and then
Give you a major new do!

I go into your room
And return the borrowed text book
And look at the mirror
So dusty
Still a crack – deeper now
I hear shouts in the room next door
Your mom screams at you
You scream back
This has been constant
Between you two lately
Stomping into your room
You slam the six paneled door
Your mirror bursts into billions of shards
And glass shatters to the carpet below
What next?

You don’t know what’s happening
Life is just too crazy
You can’t distinguish
The familiar shadow staring
At you in the bathroom mirror

You stand sideways
In the doctor’s mirror
Profile revealing
Your rounded tummy
This wasn’t supposed
to happen, you know
Your pocket mirror
Isn’t big enough for two
But it’s small right now
Like your age
It will grow
And so will you

You go home with a
New life bundled in your arms
You cuddle her close
And brush your lips to
Her delicate face
While walking up the porch steps
You look at your reflection
On the house window
Dark bags droop under your eyes
And weariness consumes your
Once so beautiful features

Years passed since then.
You walk upstairs in
Your new house with a
New husband and little daughter
You waltz into your bedroom
White walls shimmer all around
A lily sits still in the only dark corner
Illuminating all its radiance
The tag reads:
To the one who never was lost
But was recently found
Laughing, you remember
To call me later
You stare into your new mirror
It’s so clean and polished
You can see anything and everything
You see yourself
With new beginnings

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