Bright Orange Moon

November 25, 2007
Run for the hills
my nightmares are out and feining
I never seen a cloud so big
and its over my head
I dont have time for pain nor smiles
I run on my toes, keeping up the disaster
wrecking myself into mishap
im eagar for heartbreak
im craving horrendous mistakes
my hands are cold as ice
so hold me close
I wont listen and I wont understand
I stumble and crash
Im awake but im trembling
baby we can't stop here
this is bat country
and in any direction there are monsters
any direction iam numb
montezuma kisses
and a bright orange moon
hiding the fact im falling
lost my heart in the dark
and didnt care to find it
didnt care to drown in regret
im raving and raging
unconscious, incoherent
pills for the healing
pills for the killing
this city is buring
so run for the hills.

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