Severe Blow to the Head

November 25, 2007
By Cassandra Thompson, Magnolia, KY

Im spinning
Im out of control
my hands on hell
and I'll never let go
Im lost
with everyone by my side
to much to show
to much to hide
Im killing me, killing you
please, dont say you love me
kiss i never knew
its all my fault
all i can do is cry
in front of your face
and all i can do is lie
my mentality is weak
cannot breath
cannot speak
I cannot handle happiness
I know Im no good
baby, break my heart
sometimes i wish you would
the look in your eye
the things that you said
break me down
like a severe blow to the head
I could of loved you
but my heart is a massacre
they say shes wrecked and bleeding
and there is no helping her
with no real intent
meander in the unconscious cold
misleading and confused
give back this love I stole
pain seeps in
Im obliged to scream
to soak tears
on my hands and ragged jeans.

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