Forever Peace, Forever Pieces

November 25, 2007
Jumpy like a wild animal
you will hurt me i know
lirerally searching for a feeling
could you be my realness?
in these obscured foggy days
they hand me a bottle
and I take part in the consumption of affliction
I sometimes love you
mostly hate you
im angry and happy
i like it when it rains
but not when it thunders
jumbled thoughts
its not about love
no, not anymore
peace and warmth
which i cant discover either
painfully cold and intensely falling apart
I never vanished memories
just let the dust gather upon them
which is good enough for me
holding your hand
calms the anxious solicitude
your eyes are attraction
sustaining my heart
its loving
and stong affection
regret is possible
deeply painstaking but i can only attempt
this will be my haven
this will be my serenity
forever searching for hope and tranquility.

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