whyy must he do this to me!!!!

November 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Sometimes I feel like there is nothing left inside my body to do what everyone around me is doing. Sometimes I feel like I should die and never look back at thing so that way I know that there will be something there for me when there is nothing left. Why is it when thing come to a end they just are gone and you can’t see them anymore .sometimes I feel scared that they will come back after me in my sleep and no one will be there to save me. I cry at night hoping that my daddy will come to save me from thing that are hurting me. Why is it when I call you don’t want to talk when you know deep down that you miss me but you just don’t love me anymore and that hurts me deep down like I have a big hole in my heart and it hurts to breathe sometimes with it. Why can’t he just come around to show that he cares about use once and a while?

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