"Life Sublime"

November 25, 2007
It's eight o'clock, and I'm too sick
To stay awake to twelve.
You're broken, so I'll try to keep
The heartbreak to myself.
He said the world ain't good enough.
I said I'd have to try.
We wasted time on empty threats;
We should have said goodbye.

You are me and I am you
And we are dying, oh it's true.
Words are for the fearless dead
And I have made my bloody bed.
Take a seat and watch me cry
I'm passing once we say goodbye.
So whisper while we have the time
And say farewell to Life Sublime

It might be hard to find some way
To make him understand
That holding on is critical.
This show is out of hand.
He took the pills the doctors left.
I'm pulling out the tears.
Emotions here are just for show,
'Til daylight interferes.

Other rivers running free
Fall back where they're supposed to be.
The world by lamplight seems devoid
Of wonders that should fill the void.
Lives were made to fall apart;
Love is such a blackened art.
Now whisper while we have the time
And say farewell to Life Sublime.

Wave goodbye to innocence;
He's gone and won't return.
Once the sadness ripples back
You won't have time to burn.
He said you're just a tourniquet.
I said you're like a flame.
You made your choices much too late
To play this wicked game.

Paradise will never do.
They've made a coffin just for you.
He'll be hiding right behind
That wall you built inside your mind.
And I'll be there to hold your hand
And give you pills and help you stand,
So whisper while you have the time
And say farewell to Life Sublime.

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