One Week In Heaven.

October 29, 2010
Hit me,
Kick me,
Hurt my pride.
Break my loyalty
Wreck my stride
If you're going to kill me, do it now.
Don't wait around, don't let me drown in this pain.
Sir, if I may ask you, are you sane?
Two blows to my knees, I'm down on the floor.
If you take another I won't walk anymore.
I'm already vulnerable, I'm almost gone.
Will I see another breaking dawn?
Two bullets to my head, that's how I ended.
That poor body, so beat up, it was only lended.
This was my end, an awful monsters' fault.
I don't know why I was treated this way, what did I do?
Doesn't matter anymore, my fresh begining, soon, will be a brand-new start,
I swear that man called my death "A work of Art".
Good-bye now, it's my time to part . . .
Here's to my new begining, my better start.

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