My Promise - Until the End

November 25, 2007
By Kayla Binder, Fullerton, CA

You were my friend
You said "until the end"
You made a promise you never could keep
Then you walked away and hurt me bad, you cut me deep
I never thought it would end this way
I don't know why you say the things you say
I guess what I am trying to say
Is that I don't even know who you have become
And it hurts me to say that we may never be friends again

So you got your new friends
I bet you made the same promise again
I can't help but feel sad for them
For all the pain you're gonna cause them.
I just want you to know
That even though you've hurt me so,
I will always be there for you
Because I made a promise to you,
That I'll always be here,
Until the End.

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