My Nightmare

October 25, 2010
By MasterSoap GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
MasterSoap GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." -
Kurt Cobain

I'm alone here.
Where is everyone?
My heart races,
And I start to panic.

The lights go out,
and the thunder shakes the house.

I look around,
But I know no one is here,
to look back at me.

I hear footsteps.
Loud, threatening footsteps.
So I run to my room,
And hide.

My heart beats so fast,
It actually hurts.
My mind has drifted to the possibilites,
All that's worse.

Hours and hours,
I spend hiding in the dark.

The footsteps have dissapeared,
but I know they'll return.

So I get up.
And I listen.

Nothing, but the raindrops hitting the window.

I run.
Downstairs, and again, until I find a better place to hide.

This place is darker than the other room... And still, there's no one in sight.

I try to think of a place to go,
Somewhere it's safe.
I know I'm in danger here.
I know someone is here with me..

I spend more time hiding,
Waiting for the worst to come.
Yet, nothing.
Yet, no one.

After hiding for so long, I actually fall asleep.

Only to wake back up to the forceful footsteps I hear coming down the steps.

I gasp,
And as soon as I do,
the footsteps immeadiately stop.
He knows I'm here.

As soon as that thought comes into my mind,
the footsteps begin again.
Louder this time.
Faster this time.

I panic, I run to the garage door.

But it won't open.
It won't let me out.

I hear him opening the door,
and I feel myself wanting to just black out.

I jump when I hear a loud noise,
And I notice the garage door has opened just the slightest bit.

I can hear him trying to open the locked door still,
And my heart began to race even faster.
He's here.
He's moving closer.

He breaks the door open,
and I slide beneath the door.

He's right behind me,
He even grabs me by the leg.

I scream, hoping someone is here to rescue me.
The rain and thunder drowns me out,
and I cry as I try to kick him away.

I claw at the concrete driveway,
Praying to just get away.
He pulls me in,
and somehow I kick out.

I Jump to my feet,
But I'm in pain everytime I take a step.

He's behind me.
I can feel it.

I run and run,
Ignoring the burning pain in my leg,
And ignoring the pain in my chest.

Yet it sends me into another fit,
of hurtful heartbeats,
When I hear those fast, heavy footsteps
Running up behind me.

So I run straight across the street,
Hoping that someone's there to save me.

I'm panting,

And yet there's no one around me.
Except for him.
He's still running after me.
There's nothing stopping him.

I get to the door, and I start banging on it,
Screaming for someone to help me.

And I hear his footsteps growing closer.

No one is here..
Everyone is gone.

I throw my head back, giving one last scream,
One last cry.

His footsteps have slowed.
He's right behind me.

I know this is it.
I know he's found me.

I slowly turn around,
Preparing to face my nightmare.

Yet no one is there.

I stand alone,
in the rain.

....And no one is there.....

The author's comments:
This is my nightmare.

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