November 16, 2010
By BriannaN. GOLD, Horatio, Arkansas
BriannaN. GOLD, Horatio, Arkansas
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Little girl’s tears in the silhouette
Smoke breaking boundaries
Glass from the marionette
Lifeless bonds surrounding
The quiet tide will sweep you under

Tranquil feedback laced arson
Riptide sputtering sparks
Livid intent like a marksman
Raining rabid larks
A simple plan to track the thunder

Locale of the upside down world that we strive
Light begging darkness
Faceless words try to derive
Mechanical turmoil of tresses
Capitulate the winding umber

Lungs tried with cyanide
Loose lit monograms
Meeting undead, faithful allies
Fire worming toward writhing lambs
An opulent breeze of cinders plundered

Bottles shatter ground
Teeth soaked in deadly poison
Mirrors waltz around
Working for a common reason
Trade the fares once won hereunder

Traveling persons climbing mountains
Their echoes but a dream
Words mimic droning accountants
Worlds ripping at the seams
Problems sanctify wonder

Cauterized embellishments
Surplus in the wings of the trademark
Overturned stable establishments
Waking the monster in deficit dark
The lessons drowning in the blunder

The author's comments:
I remember writing this when my friend was with me, and every so often I would let her read. She looked at me almost as if I was insane, but at the same time, she was proud. Of course, she says she's still jealous.

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