My Shadow Sister

November 24, 2007
because we are not equal
because we are not free
she cannot love
pure unadulterated
the woman of her choice
over their disapproving voice
So, she secretly delineates her charcoal curves
her lips, the strawberry preserves
chronicling the venetian red vignette
of how we just can't be together
daughter duet of dancing with her silhouette
until we can choreograph openly
because we are not equal
because we are not free
is it too much to want
beautiful homosexuality
without all the formalities
the “when

you come out”
“i must know
all you
and your
girlfriend’s whereabouts”
love is not protean nor plebeian
land marked unusual durability
with the linear inability
to let go
maybe today she'll say hello
and i'll say hi back
instead of serenading you
from behind magazine racks
and doorway cracks
waiting for the moon to open up
And swallow the hatred in your father’s
Coffee cup
For all the boys you just can’t love
until then,
we are shadow sisters
doomed to dance in the dark
when we think no-one is watching

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thepreechyteenager said...
Oct. 4, 2009 at 7:09 pm
I <3ed it
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