Three Poems: Unable, Hope, and What's Wrong

November 24, 2007
By Jianna Shawver, Williamson, NY

Sitting by her bedside
unable to speak
wanting so hard to cry
i'm tearless
wondering what will happen
loning to say
Momma i love you
stay Momma stay

looking up at Dad
he mouths out
ilove you
Momma looks up
she knows her time has come
please Momma I'm too young
i feel her soft hands
she's slipping away
Momma don't go
Don't go away

This cruel cold world will stop and end
what i'm saying is true so listen my friend
he is coming back it's true it's true
so why do you stand here and look so blue
now what i am saying let it be so
so get up and pack your bags let's go
please listen my friend please just hear
the little brown bird singing in your ear
and if you don't hear it come and see me
i'll help you out and you shall see
the waves of the ocean so gentle not bad
don't cover your ears ye little lad
just go don't buy those horrible things that trap your brain
and if you do your death could be in vain
so go downstairs not back up
we'll sit down here and have a cup
this cruel cold world will come to an end
what i'm saying is true so listen my friend

What's Wrong
Whats wrong little girl with puffy red eyes
whats wrong little orphan who looks with surprise
are you crying because you lost your mother
or because you cant find your way home
whats wrong little girl
whats wrong little orphan
whats wrong

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