November 10, 2010
By allison0625 BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
allison0625 BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Relax, plug it in
Let the music flow within
Country, pop
Rock or hip-hop
Music’s in your soul
So let it rock or let it roll
IPod, boom box, radio
Take the music where you go
Guitar, drums, tambourine
Let the music be the scene
Get loud, play it proud
Stand out from the crowd
Music is a gift for you
Not something you learn to do
Picture perfect isn’t true
Let it show the real you
Never know who you are
Hip-hop, rocker or country star
Taylor, Tim, or Toby Keith
Music comes from underneath
Sneaking into concerts, seeing them on stage
When you’re missing parents fill with rage
Dancing till you can’t stop
Music puts you on top
Front row tickets for the show
Singing along as they go
Berkley, Julliard
Music comes from the heart
You know who you want to be
So let the music set you free

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