Who Am I?

November 24, 2007
Who am I?
I haven't figured it out
I'm confused and depressed
I always have doubts

Tear drops fall, slowly down my cheek
I'm crying for no reason
What is wrong with me?

Am I aslowly going crazy?
Or quickly becoming insane
I need help!
Nobody feels my pain

Some people say they understand what I go through
I say "For real?"
Knowing they have no clue

I wanna know who I am!
Can someone figure me out?
But the answer is NO!
Nobody knows you inside and out!

So I guess I'm going to have to figure it out on my own.
I probably will still be clueless when I get grown.

I wonder who I will be....
What will I become?
Will I still be lost?
Will I forever be a clueless one?

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