November 13, 2010
By jaypee95 BRONZE, Cramlington, Other
jaypee95 BRONZE, Cramlington, Other
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My cat Scrappy bounces and pounces
He only weighs a couple of ounces
He creeps and purrs along the floor
And tries to open our living room door

His eyes widen when he's happy
They get sharper when he's snappy
He claws and scratches up my leg
Like frying up a chickens egg

He brings me birds and mice in two
At times I wonder what to do
But when we try to rescue the thing
Most of the time the heaven bells ring

The author's comments:
Dedicated to My cat Scrappy
Created by Davin Joseph Patric Baird Ker

Even though Scrappy is a pain in the ass. I still love him and would never get rid of him.

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