Story in a Blanket

November 24, 2007
By Renee Borcherding, Ballwin, MO

Running my fingers over the bumpy stitching that outlines the shapes

I feel them; pastel pink kittens, baby blue elephants and soft green turtles

They all sit on this cozy cotton circus like familiar pets that a child would cuddle with.

If this blanket could stand up and give a speech it might just recite the story of my life:

I remember when you and Daniel camped out on the living room floor,

Luckily my well worn fabric made the perfect bed,

Just the right size for two kids who didn’t want to take a nap in their room.

The two of you lay on me sharing
secrets only a brother and sister would understand.

Johanna wanted to decorate the boring tan carpet with pretty yellow paint.

You threw me down over the stained floor hoping I would keep your secret,
I let you pretend “Everything’s fine, Mom!”

Like a loyal friend I took the blame, I am just a blanket, that’s what I’m for.

From afternoon naps to childhood games,
I witnessed temper tantrums and fits of laughter from giggling girls.

But eventually your blonde hair got darker and your eyes got more tired and wiser,
Things just weren’t as funny anymore.

Mom and Dad moved you from the friendly Indiana neighborhood to West County,

I knew 7 year olds didn’t like being in strange rooms in new houses,
Your new room hadn’t been checked for monsters or axe murderers yet,

I did my best to hug you during those nights when you couldn’t fall asleep.

Now you no longer need a cozy friend to keep you warm,

Instead I am your tissue for wiping away those teenage tears that sting your eyes.

Sheltering you from the world you don’t want to face.

You can wrap me around you and I will hide you until you’re ready to be found.

I was made by the loving hands of proud new grandparents of a baby girl,

Ever since that day I’ve spent seventeen years watching, protecting and comforting.

Heartbreaks, bad feelings and even memories will come and go but I will always be,

Right where you left me, waiting for the next time you need me.

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