F*** Homecoming!: A Poem of Frustration & Woe

November 24, 2007
Such a complicated two-step
We have to perform
In order to secure a date.
A curious balancing act
On a dance floor that you can’t see
With music you can’t hear
With a partner you can’t feel.

Yes, such a difficult waltz,
Tiptoeing on the line that separates
Desperate and Flirtatious
Insinuating and Forward
Heartfelt and Tacky
Courageous and Stupid.
You’ll never know until you do the dance.

Such a peculiar ballroom we have to navigate,
Furnished with walls we built ourselves,
Running to a motel
With no Vacancy sign
That rents by the hour, and kicks you out too early.

So go on.

Ask me already.

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