Boo Hoo

November 12, 2010
I'm tired of hearing your whining.
I'm tired of hearing you cry.
Girls, stop your blubbering,
Over one stupid guy.

Why doesn't he like me?
Am I ugly? Am I fat?
Can't he see that I LOVE him?
Why doesn't he love me back?

Pathetic. Absurd.
Suck it up and Move on!
There are better things to fret over
Than relationships gone wrong.

Will it matter in a month?
Or in a year or two?
By then nobody will care
Who had a crush on who.

Why must teens be so concerned with
"Love" and "Why not me?"
I wish we could just stop worrying.
And from this obsession, be free.

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Caryn said...
Dec. 1, 2010 at 8:40 pm
I can honestly say I love it. It is totally true that no one is going to care in a month. Good job :)
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