Dear Mr. President

November 24, 2007
By Trenessa Baker, Apex, NC

Dear Mr. President
Mr. President
Can u tell me why?
Because mama said never ask why
I try and I try
And still they lie
Mr. President
When u say ‘We Americans’ are u talkin’ about me
Are u talkin’ about my people or is it just those who qualify
Mr. President
I work…. I lived
I do the same things a rich man’s does
Except I do it all on my own with plenty mo’ mouths to feed
Mr. President
My belly is empty and so are my people
But u says ‘No child left behind’
How is this so when they dropping out like death
In the eye of Katrina and in the soul of war
Mr. President
This is ‘America’
This is the ‘Home of the free’
The same place that killed its 10 commandments
This place where u work…. U play
Is the same place that was built of immigrants
That stole my sistah’s and brothers
And enslaved them and then made love to them
Mr. President Can u answer my questions
Can u fill these blanks?
And capture my vision
Because I wanna know why you killin’
Remember ‘Thy shall not kill’
Remember ‘Thy shall not bear false witness’
Thy shall honor thy mother and father
But this place has killed its mother nature
With no father figure
That’s why kids do what they do
Because u Mr. President
Knock on their doors and take their fathers to war
Leaving their mothers in a war of struggle
Mr. President
U got guns to protect you so why can’t that little boy
So why not play house
Mr. President
Have u figured the greatest invention yet
What will u do when u can’t stop your enemies?
And angels fly over this place called hell
Mr. President
There are more heroes
In the streets
In the struggle
In the prisons
In the places u won’t go
Because u Mr. President just don’t know the half of it
Because your planned has failed to the road of destruction
Where poverty still lives and bellies are spoiled
And gun wounds and broken hearts will never mend
We and we work
Where welfare aint even fair
And tell me why u spending other presidents money
Mr. President I can go on and on
But God said ‘don’t do unto those they way they would do you’
So here I stop
So Mr. President watch when the war of waters comes and the fires burn
Tell me who’s going to serve
When all our soldiers are dead because God has the master plan
The key…. The greatest invention yet
Tell my people
Mr. President who will serve who in this so-called place called home
And still I can’t in this place
Where red is for our bloody mercy
Blue for our teary eyes
Where is this peace?
The legacy that Martin Luther King left for us to live on
He brought color to the blindness of this world
Now we’re living off the love of madness
And Mr. President
How are we your people?
A nation of one
When are raised not to talk to strangers
And Mr. President
U still can’t find answers
To your reasons why!!!!

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