November 12, 2010
By Desiree12 BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
Desiree12 BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
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As one thought lingers on Death,
all the others are centered on conflicts’ quick breath.
Big and small these conflicts are,
her heart and mind are blackened char.
Her problems will not be easy to fix,
but that dangerous problem is in the mix.
She cries throughout the day,
trying to keep her thoughts at bay.
She cannot keep herself like this,
she wants to feel Death’s kiss.
She can’t take anymore,
because her heart and mind are so sore.
Half the time you see her she is in shock,
with her heart in a box with a lock.
Death wants her soul,
therefore she is his prime goal.
Death holds her on the teetering edge,
and the poison she holds is raised to her lips.
She drank it,
looked back at me,
and said goodbye,
for all eternity.

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