Stress Reliever

November 23, 2007
By Ashley Cunningham, Wirtz, VA

Feet barely making a sound
But you know he’s coming
You now he’s making his way to your room.

Your mind is racing
Trying to figure out
What you did wrong
Or lied about
But the door quickly opens
And before you can come up with an explanation
The door hits the back of the wall.

He’s just standing there with that face
The face where you know he’s lost it again
He’s not drunk, he’s completely sober
But yet when all you’re doing is
Sitting on your bed writing…
You’re wrong.

His voice is filled with anger and disappointment
As he rips your hard work into pieces
Criticizing you over every word
You take it, saying nothing.

But since you don’t defend yourself
You are told to go downstairs
Still trying to figure out what you did
He goes to the closet and gets it.

You’re trembling, trying to talk him out of it
Trying to talk and see through your tears
The soft fabric is tugged on be your death grip
You’re biting your lower lip
So hard it becomes numb
And your fingers are almost ripping the comforter

A sudden sharp pain shoots through you
It stings your whole leg, starting from your thigh
It feels like you’d be paralyzed
Twisting in ways that gives you more cramps than asked for

You cry, begging for him to stop
But when it finally ends
Your whole body is already numb
Your fingers are frozen into a fist
You’re bowlegged and not able to move fast

While wiping the tears from your eyes
You try to act tough
But the more you take it,
The more it tempts him to hit you again

So when it’s all over and he tells you to go to your room
You realize he used you
He beats you with a thick leather belt
Day after day
To help him with stress
And even though you know you didn’t do anything wrong
You go everyday thinking you’re guilty
All because he needs you to be his stress reliever

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