Broken Arrow

November 23, 2007
By Candice Betts, North Port, FL

I am a broken arrow

soaring through the empty space

The archer sees me as a mistake

But perhaps I'll hit the target anyway

Maybe not a bull's eye

But certainly a surprise

Quite a sight for sore eyes

I'll be proud in the moment

But he'll rip me apart

And curse the investment

"Oh what a waste!" he'll exclaim

We'll pretend it was my fault

So he doesn't have to feel any pain

I lie on the ground

As he lies to himself

I am broken; he is mistaken

But we won't tell anyone that last part

Why is it that im still protecting you?

I see myself in you

I invested just as much as you

Yet it seems I've paid much more

Isn't that the way it goes

Seems I've drawn the short straw here

But you threw it atop the camels back.

It took two to take this ship down

But you've fled the scene

And left me to tell the tale of us

I promise I'll do it justice

We shared a vow of love; an oath of truth

Guilty; on one count of perjury

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