In The Hands of Time

November 23, 2007
By Courtney Neale, Milwaukee, WI

The jagged pieces of my shattered life scatter in the wind.
The wind that blows so far away into the abyss.
The last pieces of my sanity gone with the wind.
And yet nothing.
Just a numbness in my soul.
I’m lost
And I need help
I’m screaming for someone
But yet not a sound is emitted
My senses are keen
Waiting to pounce
For a twinge or glimmer of light
To brighten my obscured path
And I’m searching
For what I don’t know…
A Dream
A Memory
A Reason
Something to hold on to
To keep me from letting go

…And then I see it
A face amongst a sea of strangers
With warmth that would melt a heart of stone
With one look you heal my wounded soul
With one embrace my pain ceases to exist
With one glance you capture my heart
And forever am I yours
To have
And to hold
As long as we are together
In the hands of time

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