The Fire That Took My Life

November 23, 2007
Fire burned all around me
And I could have sworn

The sky had disappeared

In a frightening shield of red
And orange Flame. The world
Was a precipice. The canyon

Was made by the hot gray Smoke

That stained my face and burned
My eyes. I didn’t have time
To worry about what this was

Doing to those I loved. I did the only thing my

Human instincts could tell me to do;

I ran.
The world was ending,
I was completely and totally

Sure of it. My world melted

Before my eyes and there
Was no refuge. I hugged
My life as I was sure it would

Slip away in this moment.

My legs could no longer
Carry me fast enough,
And I tripped over the

Smoldering Flames that

Reached up from the earth to

Burn me.
Before I knew it, without warning,
The Flame had completely

Wrapped around my body and it burned

Me mercilessly. The Pain surprised me.
Not only did my limbs
Weaken under the flame,

But my lungs did as well.

Before I could even react,
My entire being was slipping away.
Away into complete and total chaos,

In humanity of unknown, malevolent,

Undiscovered by all but the dead;

Darkness and Calamity…

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