October 16, 2010
Red is the color of violence, brown is of drunk, and green is high. But do you know what these colors make when they mix? Black. The color of depression, of numbness, and of silence. Black, the color of my life for so long, is the harshest color in the palette. The worst part about it is that once it is created, there is no going back; the best thing you can hope for is a numbing gray. But even to achieve that you would need white, and a lot of it. There was no white in my life back then, so I had to start anew. Get rid of the dark color before it could permanently scar my canvas. So I filled my life with pink, yellow, and sky blue: love, happiness, and freedom. But I was too late. On the surface, these may be the colors of my life. But the colors constantly chip, reminding me of the blackness that will always haunt me: the blackness of my past and the secrets I will always keep.

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