Our Kingdom

November 23, 2007
By Joyce Alexander, South Pasadena, CA

It was our kingdom
Us in our rebeldom
Just me and him
All done on a whim
It was rainy all the time
Just sprinkling, how sublime
Oh, how sublime

All the lazy days
Looking into his adoring gaze
Sitting in his room, doing nothing
Always meant something
He'd give me a kiss
Good thing it happened like this
Oh, Good thing it happened like this

Because every single day
I love you just the same
Cus' blue skies look blue-er
And old thinks look newer
So let's keep it going
Jump in without knowing
Oh, jump in without knowing.

Let's take a chance
With our blissful romance
Because it's oh so worth it
We'll do it, bit by bit
I love you
I know it's a bit overdue
But I love you

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