November 23, 2007
By Elizabeth Christopher, Collingdale, PA

Not to be an alarm
But you'll want to disarm
Your sparkling wit
For a bit or I fear I'll submit
Into your waiting arms

Under the spell
Embezzled from Hell
The wanting; It's taunting
And really quite daunting
I crave the need to rebel

This lust, Is simply unjust
If I don't dare
To caution and beware
My heart will flare
Self-restraint will age to dust

(Love is a two way street
And, I'm sorry, but you may be driving up a one-way
You say 'A day can't go by unless
I think about you'
I just wish you watch what you say
I pray
To God Almighty
That you'll be right as rain

I think you're confused
And quite flighty

But you should take a sniff of them roses
Before you push some daisies
Or get sent up to live with them crazies

But it's not cold-blooded passion
Despite it being my fashion
Yes Love flows through my veins
Holds me captive like chains
Rushing feelings leave me with pains
But you don't hold for me compassion

My feelings reject my suppression
And I fear I must make a confession
I'm always watching you
You can digress and go askew
But one day, you'll be subdued
By my lovely obsession

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