My Heart Been Tore to Pieces

November 23, 2007
By Kayla Lewis, York, PA

My heart been tore to pieces
But with the help of someone special
It’s been put back together perfectly
And I learned to trust and to love
Even thought trusting someone
And letting them close to my heart
Was a very hard thing to do
Afraid trust would lead to heart break
But I was proven wrong
I was showed that there are some people
That want to love you
Some people that just want to be there for you
And when those people come along
You just have to be open to them
You just have to let them be there
And let them be your support
If they want to help build you
Then let them even if your hiding
Your true feelings there love can bring it out
There love can make u smile at your hardest times
Can make you laugh in the mist of the tears
And no matter what if someone is willing
To be open to you and to love you
Don’t shut them down
And don’t shut them out
Don’t turn your back on them
Just let them love you
Let them be there for you
Let them help you
Let them be your support
And what ever you do
Don’t make it a one way street
Don’t make it all about them being there for you
You have to be there for them too
And you might find out that you aren’t the only1
That needs help maybe they been hurt too
Love is a two ways street and I got
A pretty little house on love Ave.
It hasn’t been standing for a long
But its very strong
I tried to hide how hurt I was
But it didn’t take love long
To find out where it hurt
And to heal me
Love did more then heal me it brought
Something out in me I didn’t no was there
It brought out my self respect and worth
It made me feel great about my self
It also stopped me from becoming someone
Someone I didn’t want to be love saved me
Saved me from trying to change myself
Change for other people because I thought
Love was passing me by because of how I was
But what I learned is love was trying to show me that
I just had to be patient and be me
And love not only found me but it found the real me
And it is the greatest love I even known
And it showed me all I got to do is be Kayla
And love will stay and it loves me for me
And here I am deep in love
My only wish for love is that I’m treating it right
Because I don’t no what I would do if it left
I hope that everything I’m doing
And everything I’m trying
Is making love happy it chose to stay
Cause love is special to me
And I would do anything to keep it in my life
Love is special to me
A true gift from god
And it promised to stay
But the future is untold
So as long as it’s in my life
I am use the gift love gave me
And I’m going to love with all I have
And hold love close to my heart
And treat it the way it treats me
Because with you love i am nothing
But loves true name Is Kevin
And he means the world to me
No one or nothing can take that from me
I won't let anything ruin what I have
I mean ruin what WE have
I love you baby

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