Killing of a Lamb, Screams of Agony, I'll Laugh At You

November 23, 2007
Feeling used and alone
standing here trying to figure out
this winding road ahead
making promises i know i will not keep
telling myself lies to stay on my feet
i walk a road dark and solmn
I see his face and i feel the remorse
deja vu has brought me back
to a time where night reveals
the bitter side of an innocent girl
reveals an under lying world
one which mothers hide from
their growing daughters
oblivious to the world so changed
now she is locked there in chains
to forever wallow in that fatal night
swimming in grief and frozen in time
to relive it again and again
till the heart beats one last time
a shiver runs down her back
as those nights and those faces
flash before her once innocent eyes
she wonders if he feels like a man
to be the hand who killed the
once innocent lamb
the tears douce the fire inside
she had taken so long to rekindle
its once brillant flame and now
he feels his sorrow and regret
but he will never now what he
has set in motion
never ending nights of screams
faces flashing before her eyes
for the one second for him to
feel like a man, to be the hand
that killed the silent lamb
she doesnt speak out but to
those who would believe
she is silenced till tears run
down her cheeks then her sobs
can be heard and the sky feels
her pain and that is how she
cleansed herself, with the rain
she ran into its cold unfeeling arms
only to be wrapped up in a sensation
of swimming in sorrow and frozen in time
she wants him to know, to see her pain
all he must do is look out at the rain

Screams of Agony

When I think about you
I see those eyes
my heart stops
I go weak at the kness
as the sadness
as the darkness
consumes me

You'll never know the
darkness that surrounds me
I cant find my place
I dont know my own face
The pain cuts my skin
as i begin to bleed

I hear screams
of agony
i wake to find they are mine
my screams
that pierce the skies
my tears that sting my eyes
soak the ground in a
bitersweet elixsor
of pain and agony

Darkness consumes me
you'll never know
no you'll never know
the darkness
the darkness
that consumes me
I cant find my place
i dont know my own face
Shatter the mirror
the glass falls down liek rain
and as i feel the pain
as the glass vuts me
i scream
screams of agony
As i stumble home
i shout your name
i wish you could feel my pain
becuse it is yours
you let my heart die
and now im the one
left to cry
cry screams
ooo screams of agony

This should be your fate
these should be your tears
these should be your screams
scremas of agony
the belong to you
this should be your fate
but no
i drown in a bittersweet elixsor
of blood and tears
watch and i die
laugh as i cry
see the pain in my eyes
and watch as i die
let the screams
let the screams
of agony
haunt you in your dreams
let them tell you
what youve done to me

Ill Laugh At You

He will never understand
im doing this for him
crushing my heart
from being apart
because i dont belong with him

i am just a shadow
not even worth a 2nd glance
not someone who deserves a chance
because all those things
that i said about you
you know they were true
but dont let me reck this for you
i gave up my heart
like it was spare change
you threw it out
like a penny in the rain
love only comes around once in awhile
but dont worry
im sure you will have tons of girl
in a short while
dont worry about it
it didnt hurt
when you threw me to the side
when you built up
just to tear me down
when you took what you wanted
and left me without
can i just say one more thing
dont you worry about me
because im moving on
moving on to bette things
so play you childish games
and ill see you again some day
and when you realize that your the one who made the mistake
ill laugh in your face
becuase i poured out my heart
and you let it slip through your fingers
sorry that i told you everything
and actually meant it
sorry if i threatened all your little games
sorry if i was something of shame
but let me just say
it didnt hurt
when you threw me to the side
when you took what you wanted
and left me without anything
no leg to stand on
no shoulder to lean on
i fell but i got myself up again
just like i knew i would
and im moving on
the way i know i should
even though you were the best thing
that happened to me
i can leave it behind
and pretend to be happy
i can move on
let you live your life
dont let me stand in your way
just push me down
ill fall to the ground
and as you walk over me
to get to her
ill laugh because
ill ask myself
when she says i love you
does she mean like i do
ill laugh at you
because one day you will see
im the biggest mistake you made
and ill laugh when you see
what you missed when you
hurt me

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