Unfinished Letter

November 23, 2007
By Amber Young, Warren, OH

A smile on his face,
with tears in his eyes.
He sits with a pen,
and peice of paper.
Thinking of how he should put this .

He loved her with all his heart.
So many things to say,
so little ways to put them.
No lines on the paper could be filled.

Memories flooded his mind,
as he wept silent tears.
In a vial of ink that he created, he dipped his pen and began to think.
The ink began to color the paper,
as he began to write.

Ink of him and his love.
combind as one he wrote,
"It's in been two years now,
and I miss you dearly.
Why did they just not take me,
Saved her instead of me?"

For this he wept slient tears,
his pain was to imaginable.
He prayed for the day,
that his pain would fade.

That night was filled with grief.
He eyes were filled with sorrow,
he felt so worthless.
He lost everything,
most of all he lost his wife.

That morning he did not awake.
He was found in his chair,
but already lost.
With his letter in his hand,
the letter was not complete.

For this is all he wrote
" It's been two years now,
and i miss you so.
No need to worry now.
I'll be there soon,
to take care of you..."

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