In Times Like These

November 23, 2007
In times like these
When distant memories
Of victory and defeat
And every other feat
Flash across in my mind
And this feeling is one of a kind

In times like these
By many I may be teased,
About a defeat here, a defeat there
And I may have none to share
The bitterness of the feeling of defeat
Or about the obstacles I had to meet
To have come such a long way
And empty handed, I go away

Away, away, away
Back to the same old place
Where I had spent many fruitful days
Of labour, creativity and hard work,
And prayers at every temple and Kirk
To grant me victory at least here
And not the same old situation of coming so near
And yet being so far
Like a distant star.

In times like these
I’d like to be like the trees,
Which stand upright, strong and bold,
No matter what, through the heat and cold.
Give me the strength to raise my mind
Above such debacles, and to move onto a new find,
Those feeling of self-hatred and sorrow
Need to be overcome, thrown away,
Away, away, away
Away to a distant place
Where I can’t find them in the coming days
And to start on a new note
With a new spirit, a new hope
For a brighter, better tomorrow,
And to overcome the distress of defeat and its sorrow

So the next time with the experience of defeat,
I hope I do not repeat,
The mistakes I made once
For next time I shall return
With a spirit reborn, strong and stern
And hope to destroy all the obstacles in my way
And then look out for what people have to say
No matter how long I have to stand the test of time

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