November 23, 2007
She seems so perfect from the outside,
Perfect body
Perfect smile
So happy and care free.

But what noone knows,
What none can see,
She's dieing on the inside.
She's so lost and confused
Desperate to be saved
From all her pain and tears.

She seems so perfect
With everything she's got.
Her perfect hair
Perfect body
Perfect face
And oh so perfect clothes.

But it's the little things
You take for granted
that she truly wants.

Like a phone call,
Just to say I love you,
Or a simple little hi,
Or when she opens up,
In her special little way,
Someone there to hear it,
Someone who really cares.

So when they say she's a perfect girl
Living a perfect life,
She's screaming in her head,
"If I'm so perfect,
Why am I unhappy?

Am I asking for too much?
Should I expect less?"

She seems like a perfect girl,
Living a perfect life,
But give a second of your time
And listen to what she says
You'll realize,
She's living a perfect lie!

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