Love Poem 1.

November 22, 2007
3 years poured into nothing
a heart stops beating
a love gone unnoticed
a life gone to waste
i smile every time i see you
in all entirety
i long for you
in my dreams
but thats all they are
sadly they'll never be
you and i
together forever
doomed before the start
i love you so much
but you broke my heart
just answer me this
what'd i do wrong
you were my reason to live
now you're gone
what should i do
im like a pawn
in this chess game called love
im waiting for a sign from above
i should end it all now
give it up
no matter what
it wont be enough
without you beside me
i die inside
you have stolen all of my pride
i no longer care about myself
without you
my world is dark
my world is grey
without you by my side today
i'll never find anyone perfect as you
i'll never marry
live alone
be a loner
out in the cold
the world is cruel
at least to me
i love you i love you.

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