These Words Were Meant To Rhyme

November 10, 2010
I notice your absence from my life
Many moments spent living a lie
They say you follow
But how can I tell?
I look for you here
I look for you there
Yet, I can’t see you anywhere
This life is horrible
It’s just a joke
Only when I think of you
I start to choke
I miss you
I need you back in my sights
If only I could give you
Another life
I promised I’d be there
Watch over you
That nothing would hurt you
Which I’d see you through
If you would’ve only done the same
Then you’d be trapped in this game.
But is death so much different?
I wish I could know
Only then I would be comfortable
If you’re all alone
Up there, down?
Every thought running through
Giving me a frown
They say poetry is a medicine
I wish it were
Time and time again
But it doesn’t give you back
Not even one more time
I raise my glass to you
My fallen brother
When I meet you one day
We’ll raise another.
Perhaps in paradise
If not, in hell
We’ll run the place together, that’s all I can tell
Like I said before
These words don’t let me see you
Not even one last time
So don’t think so highly of these words
They’re only meant to rhyme

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