Playing With Her Emotions

November 22, 2007
By jess burke, Lackawanna, NY

She's all alone now
its dark
she wants to make this vow "no longer
will my tears fall for you,
no longer will i feel ur cold morning dew.
its all so vain,
no longer will u put me through this pain."
she picked up the blade
her decsion was made.
on the wall next to her
in her own blood
" knew this blade,
i knew my life would fade,
i knew my heart u would raid.
if only it would rain,
i would then be sane.
u said u didnt care,
but now its u i dare,
to stay in one piece and not tare
i just want u to know ,
before i go
i still love u!"
as he walked into the blood filled room,
glistning in the light of the moon
there, his love
he looked above,
he took her blade
and he was done.....

i obviously didnt kill myself, yet, its aboout a boy and how he didnt speak up to me and say he loved me too, he put me through so much pain!! then when i had a boyfriend, who i think i was only goin out with to hide my feelings for him, he said he really liked me and he was afraid i wouldnt go out with him. idiot!! of course i would.

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