Against the Grains of Time

November 22, 2007
By Melissa Villalobos, Pembroke Pines, FL

A cool wind blows tenderly, caressing the body and soul
I meandered thoughtfully, letting my fantasies unfold
My tread is slow and soft, as nature and beauty entwine
The vast meadows’ splendor unfurls, gracefully divine

Tears of light dotted the sky, surrounding a luminous moon
Vibrant trees sway peacefully, flowers set in full bloom
A tranquil river flows, shimmering silver in the night
I will this moment to last forever, enchanted by the sight

Dawn never awakens here, the darkness never fades
In an endless midnight state, this precious land remains
Each blade of silken grass, was lushly laced with dew
Lithe shadows flit evocatively, nature quieted by the view

The tiled path twisted and turned, glinting with golden dust
It then led to a wooden bridge, untouched by time or rust
I gaze back wistfully, working against the grains of time
Reluctantly departing, a world that only exists in my mind

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