A Poem for Him

November 22, 2007
There is only one thing that stops me Stops me from going into the pitch black The thing that stops me has absolutely really no clue what he could do No clue that it is he who I love or even care about You are the only thing that stops me from going into the dark Even when I am in he dark, you turn on the light when you look into these eyes Even when I try I can not explain but maybe from reading this you will somehow understand You saved my life when you said, I love you, once more, cause I thought that this door was closed forever, after I said goodbye Even though I had my plans to die, plans to end it all, right there that night You saved me, you did and you didn't even know That you're the only thing that stopped me from going and leaving you all alone I thought you didn't love, or even if you cared Now that you told me I'm in nothing land with only a blank stare I didn't do it; I did not end it, not even a little bit, even better not even at all I didn't end it cause of you ' I love that's all' ' I love you too' You told me that I was the trouble but, was I worth your pain, even a little or even at all You know that when I see you it makes me smile maybe not forever but just for a little while Sometimes it even makes my world turn upside down When my world is even going a little crazy and I can't get anything right, You're really the only thing that stops me from turning out the light I love you now and, even if you can't see it, I will love you now and forever even more relentlessly

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