Fake Faces Like Hot Summer Days

November 22, 2007
Watch your step my dears,
For you just might be stabbed by flaming spears.
Listen carefully to your heart,
The people around you might shoot you with their dart.
They steal your heart,
They play with your minds,
For all you expect what is next;
They may even strike you blind.

I see fake faces like hot summer days,
Betraying you with the pouring rain.
I hear lies within many eyes,
This is something that will demise.
Crooked smiles,
Legal trials,
Pain caused by venous piles.

Shake your fears,
Vanish your pain to disappear.
No matter what happens in the end,
A broken heart will amend.
Do not worry my dearest friends,
There is always hope for you to wait,
Fate will fly to you and deny to negate.
The real importance is,
Life is just a gaining, wisdom pop quiz.

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