November 22, 2007
By Kayla Maunus, Deerfield, WI

I Use to hear your voice talking to me.
Mommy always saying
That i couldn't hear you
And her tummy couldn't talk back,
But daddy I could hear you,
I Did hear you.
Then your voice was gone.
Daddy where did you go?

Today's my birthday.
Mommy says you love me.
Where were you?
Why didn't I See you
The first time my eyes opened.
Why weren't you there to hold me,
To stand by mommies side
And Celebrate me,
Your baby girl.

Daddy where did you go?
Why does mommy look so sad?
She says you'll be home some day soon,
That you're out there fighting,
Trying to make the world a better place.
Doing your best to keep it safe
So when i grow,
I too can live.
But daddy,
Where did you go?

Why aren't you here to love me?
What is so wrong with the world
That it demands you?
How long is soon?
A week?
A month?
A year?
All too long.

Who needs you more?
Is it really the world?
What about me,
Your precious baby girl?

Daddy where did you go?
Mommy's crying more then me
She's mumbling non-sense,
Saying that you loved me
And at least you tired to make a difference.
Daddy where did you go?

I don't understand.
Mommy must know this
She looks me in the eyes
And says I'll understand one day.

Why is mommy wearing black?
Why is there a single rose in her hand?
Daddy what's in the box?
It's covered with a blanket,
One that's red, white, and even blue/
Daddy why is the box leaving?
Why is it going under the lushes green surface.

where did you go?
why did you go?
Don't you know,
Daddy don't you know I,
You new baby girl,
Need you!
Who's going to love me daddy?
Who's going to love mommy?
Who's going to be my dad?
Why daddy,
Why couldn't you stay?
How did you make a difference?
Tell me!
Please daddy.
Tell me what was so important that you had to leave your baby girl.
I love you daddy!

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