Tobacco Genocide

November 22, 2007
By Julianna Riconda, Brewster, NY

This darkened cloud
Becomes like a snake
Slithering down your throat
As it tightens around your esophageous
And you pray for air
Coughing and coughing up your villain

Your teeth turn bright yellow
As it makes its way to your lungs
Becoming like a python
Slowly and bitterly constricting your lungs
As you loose oxygen
And your lungs turn as black as night

But this deed doesn’t end there
Slowly and slowly
It eats away at your heart
Scratching and clawing
As your blood turns nocturnal
Puncturing at your chest

As needles and nails dig into your skin
Like a thorn bush
As thorns twist and turn
Ripping away mere flesh
Leaving gaps and scars along the way
Until all you can breath is night

As tobacco becomes your only friend
And nicotine your enemy

Day by day
It eats away the years of your life
Leaving internal scars with no repairs
As you can no longer breathe your own air
But live on a machine to survive another week

You can’t quit
You are handcuffed to a chair
By the smoke that consumes you

You keep smoking
Until you can no longer talk
But only cough
As years and years go by
Your family watched your torment

As guilt becomes them
For no matter how many tears they shed
And times they pray
There is no answer

As nicotine consumes their lovers mind
Like a snake the smoke slithers to your legs
As you are no longer able to mobilize
As a wheel chair becomes your destine
So you can see your family for a few days

Your heart stops
As a machine beats for you
So you can see your family for a few more hours

As your granddaughter cries beside your hospital bed
And can recognize you no more
She cries for you for life
But you never quit as slowly and slowly
There is no more time left to buy
As the smoke slithers and constricts you
For the last time

As you say goodbye
And that you’re sorry for what you’ve done
Slowly and slowly
Your grip loosens
As your daughters tears drop down your arm
Making its way to your heart and mine
But no love is stronger than nicotine

Finally there is no machine left to breathe with
No machine left to beat for your heart
No wheel chair to make you mobile
The last moment
You lived was in regret

That last moment
You lie like another tobacco friend in the dust
Drenched in your daughters tears
Gripping your grand daughters hand
Sorry for what you’ve done

As the tobacco genocide has yet begun
Another grandfather lies in the dust
As nicotine has dug his own grave and fate
Among the rest
Of the tobacco company product

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